Saying Yes

Hey, hi!

As I mentioned in my #thisis22 post, I have decided that this year I am going to say yes to more experiences and opportunities that come my way.

I know the whole “Say Yes” campaign/idea has been around for a number of years but it’s something I haven’t every really been great at doing. There are a few different factors that have held me back from saying yes to things in the past. The main one being, I find it a wee bit, scary.

There we go saying yes scares me.


I don’t really know.

Obviously saying yes is easy in some cases. For example; “Amy, would you like Macaroni Cheese?” YES! “Do you want to leave work early?” YES! “Would you like fries with that?” YES!

The kind of conversation that would happen where I’d be scared to say yes would go a little something like this;

“Hey Amy, me and –insert name here– are going to –insert place name/ activity here– you can come along if you want.”

This is the kind of thing I would hum and haw over until settling on the good ol’ fashioned response of “Maybe”. A lot of the time I think it is down to me feeling like I’d be in the way, almost like an afterthought. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has these daft little thoughts.

Anyway, I’m done with the indecisive maybes and focus on saying yes! Unless, of course, I’m being asked to something I genuinely for good reason don’t want to do, like eat a salad.

Thanks for listening reading!


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